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Adult sex dating in tabor new jersey

In his book The Magi: From Zoroaster to the Three Wise Men, he compares the religion of the Magi (Zoroastrianism) to Christianity and shows the parallels of Universal Restoration in both faiths.In Visions of God from the Near-Death Experience, the wisdom of the prophets and sages of the world's religions is superimposed upon the accounts of modern-day near-death experiencers to illustrate the similarities between them. Vincent‘s book The Golden Thread: God's Promise of Universal Salvation documents the solid support for Universal Salvation in the Bible as well as research into NDEs and Mystical/Religious/Spiritual Experiences.Vincent does a real service for readers who need quick access to "the good stuff." The result is an inspirational book that gently reminds us how much we have always known deep inside. In our modern pluralistic world, the barriers imposed by the old doctrine of religious exclusivity are confronted every day by individuals, families, and nations.

Vincent presents five "universals" common to all religions, the most important being the spiritually transformative experience - the basis for their founder's authority.CHAPTER 10: The Near-Death Experience and Christian Universalism - In this article, Dr.Vincent explores the near-death experience (NDE) in context of Christian Universalism.CHAPTER 1: The Search for God and Afterlife in the Age of Science - Near-death experiences and other transpersonal experiences point to the existence and nature of God and ongoing personal consciousness following physical death.In this article, the history of these experiences are reviewed prior to 1850 and of their study during three periods of scientific research between 1850 and the present.

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Elements of Zoroastrian philosophy entered the West through their influence on Judaism and Christianity.

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