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I would give this coloring game 11 stars, the best one in the market "Features--------------------------------------------------------1.

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The Cambodian journalist Dith Pran coined the term "killing fields" after his escape from the regime.

Was very happy with spending very little to open a special picture if & when I wanted. It gives interesting options for making your pics unique. The pics are more complicated so it is an app an adult feels good about using.Testimonials--------------------------------------------------------"Remember when you were a kid and you colored in coloring books?Color Therapy is a stress-relieving, digital coloring book for adults, and the teens we talked with swear by it" ~ Business Insider" My new relaxing addiction,an anti-stress coloring app.Estimates of the total number of deaths resulting from Khmer Rouge policies, including disease and starvation, range from 1.7 to 2.5 million out of a 1975 population of roughly 8 million.In 1979, Vietnam invaded Democratic Kampuchea and toppled the Khmer Rouge regime.

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It's extremely relaxing as it takes my mind totally away from all life's stresses! Tapping in color used to be very fast, instantaneous, but since adding the drag to color option it is no longer. I tap, and the color is entered after waiting for a second, and sometimes I have to tap twice because it doesn't take. As another reviewer said, the drag to color has also made it hard to zoom in and out without adding color you don't want, because you have to turn that option off.

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