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Dating collectable glass

Kugels But today the king of Christmas ornaments is the glass ornament, which has enjoyed an ascendancy for the last 75 years or so.

Lauscha was filled with family businesses in which men would blow kugels and women and children would decorate them and add metal caps.

Now, Morrison says, American manufacturers, in their turn, have succumbed to another manufacturer of still more inexpensive glass Christmas ornaments: the Chinese.

"A lot of the modern ornaments have imagination," Morrison says.

"More people are collecting those kinds of ornaments than any others." One reason they're so popular is that they're inexpensive.

Although Morrison knows of one Noah's Ark that sold for thousands of dollars, "many are in the , and 0 range," and turn up regularly at auctions.

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Since Dresdens took more time to make and never had true mass-market appeal in the United States, they were always expensive.

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