Dating meets destiny

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Also waiting for the tram is Destiny (last name: Mc Cartney. The pair decide that fate has brought them together and go for ice cream.The relationship blooms, or would, if not for Beatle's trusting girlfriend, Cilla, who happens to be best friends with his twin sister.Their creations range from water filters to genetically modified organisms.The global movement wants to advance science for all.The service has recently been gaining traction in London, Madrid and Budapest.

Shipments to the US rose considerably, increasing Beijing's controversial trade surplus.Didier Rappaport, one of the developers of the app, explains his goal: "They may be people you've noticed or people you didn't notice at the time," he explains."So when you look at your feed on Happn, you can say, 'Oh, I would have liked to have met that person,'" he says.French success story The fears some might have over Happn's geotagging haven't stopped the app from becoming a success in France: The dating software has just reached the 1-million-user mark, and is now a serious competitor to Tinder.For now, Rappaport and his team of 25 are concentrating on big capital cities.

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Before blowing up on social media, the term "bomb cyclone" was used mostly by meteorologists or weather enthusiasts.