Flirchi-dating website communication model

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Flirchi-dating website communication model

These will not be discussed further in this article.[The present article is based on several chapters from a forthcoming book by the authors to be published by Mc Graw-Hill.Advertising communication models are theories about "how advertising works." These theories or models attempt to explain and describe, at the individual buyer or consumer level, the process by which advertising communicates with and effectively persuades individuals to take action.Managers operate with these theories or models, explicitly or implicitly, whenever they create, approve, or test advertising.Four fundamental models with a total of eight paired variations are identified.These models: assist manager S to set complete advertising objectives, help creative specialists to articulate purpose, and increase the validity of advertising pre-tests.

For the present article, the authors would like to acknowledge the comments of Robert J.Thirdly, advertising tactics for these models are listed.Finally, major implication for the process of pre-testing advertising are discussed.In the succeeding sections of the article, we explain how the checklist is used to develop an advertising communication model suited to particular advertising situations.A further note about the checklist is that the manager is asked to indicate whether the input for each component of the model stems from research or from judgment.

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