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Time starts from the same place as the other dimensions, you seem to try and treat time differently to the other three. Matter was not a tiny dot in the middle of nothing that exploaded.

God made matter, and energy, and when He created the universe He did it by streatching it out. My new point is that nothing MADE time, because in order for that to happen there needs to be something for somebody to pass through to make the dimensions, and time comes from a point it IS itself.

Considering that time is a natural dimension, it too is slowing down along with the other dimensions slowing down as time-space expands, hence if all matter originally came from a single point and is expanding, so did time, so there is no 'what made the big bang', there is no 'before'. You said you accept my comprimise, so you accept there is a God who began it all.

If there's no time beforehand there can't be a 'before'. And I will accept your comprimise as well on these grounds: God got it started, and He did it about 6000 years ago as my past posts show. He set all these things in place in 6 days from the start of time.

Now would you like to get off this subject and start telling me what errors you seen in the bible? You can not measure a day without the earth being there to begin with to measure it from.

I remember you said you read the first chapter and found 10 errors. You can not physically create day and night because it's entirely dependant on light pivots(get around that one).

Paul Bunyon, John Henry, William Wallace) Basicly you are saying the bible has changed through time. These manuscripts were copies of large portions of the Old Testament, a thousand years older than any other existing copies.No, you miss the point because of your unwillingness to see 'past' the system.I accepted a comprimise of your views, now it's time to do the same for me. My quarel is what made time and set this all in motion.And when that doesn't work for you you change it and say there is movement with no time.I will not bother with this because it is a paradox of imposability without a God.

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