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Recent studies suggest that the coastal population in Bangladesh will become more vulnerable to salinity intrusion in a changing climate.

The coastal community in southern Bangladesh will be on the “front line” of climate change because of continued sea-level rise (SLR) beyond 2100, even if greenhouse gas emissions are stabilized today.

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Changes in river salinity and the availability of freshwater will affect the productivity of many capture fisheries.

It will adversely affect the wild habitats of fresh water fish and giant prawn.

River Salinity in Coastal Bangladesh in a Changing Climate This study indicates that climate change will cause significant changes in river salinity in the southwest coastal region during the dry season (October to May) by 2050.

This will likely lead to shortages of drinking and irrigation water and cause changes in aquatic ecosystems.

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The studies will be particularly helpful to the Bangladesh government as it prepares location-specific coastal adaptation plans. All the other 4 papers were funded by the Knowledge for Change Trust Fund administered by the World Bank.