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Grade school confidential online dating

“Their relationship went from besties to bullying really quickly, and she was in a lot of pain about it,” says Deborah.The issue escalated to the seeing-the-principal stage, and yet “I didn’t know until I came home and heard the whole story,” she recounts. Deborah suspects the administrators at Sophie’s Jericho, NY, school didn’t want to bother her while she was away.And yes, most teachers are open to communication from parents in off-hours.But when your child’s grades slip or projects don’t get done—and you’re at work assuming your kid is keeping up with his “job”—learning of potential or actual academic failure can knock the wind out of any working parent.“helplessness and frustration are common to all parents, but when a working mother suspects it’s her absence that caused her to miss the problem, that helplessness is exacerbated.” Here, we focus on four familiar “Wait, what happened at school?!” scenarios to find out the what, the why and how to open lines of communication—so it doesn’t happen again. She was on a weeks-long business trip in china, unaware that her 10-year-old daughter, Sophie, was going through major friendship upheaval back home.

If you got the scoop from another mother (as Deborah did) and you feel yourself being sucked into a familiar spiral of guilt (she knows because she’s there to pay attention!

Staffer Disconnect Back in the first grade, Marcia Turner’s daughter puzzled her by going from loving school to dreading it.

Marcia, a writer in Rochester, NY, couldn’t work out why.

“Because we didn’t pick her up directly from the program, we rarely saw or talked to the drama coach or other parents,” Janine says, which meant she and her husband frequently missed the word-of-mouth info relay. You can’t be expected to know what’s coming when you don’t get the news.

Relying on crumpled backpack papers and the memory of an 8-year-old meant that, you guessed it, they missed a play. nor can you remember it all, so your best bet is to identify must-do’s and focus your energy there.

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