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Jew Subversion Studies Program Jewish Aims in Destroying White Societies.

Jew Subversion Studies Program Jewish Tactics in Destroying White Societies.

Most people, reasonably enough, aren't much interested in politics and wars and religions, and prefer to have something to do that they like, and somewhere nice to live with people they like.

So why burden them with yet more warnings, and information about a ridiculous bunch of obsolescent fanatics?

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This post popped up in my Linked In feed this morning and I was curious to hear your thoughts on it. If you wouldn’t include information about your kids on your business card or resume (and I pray nightly that you wouldn’t), they don’t belong on your Linked In page — let alone as the profile photo, which is supposed to be of .I hope that, in time, the opposite view will take over: that it's essential to understand the Jewish problem, and that anyone who doesn't is rather simple-minded, like a believer in witchcraft or astrology.The entire process is like recovery from anaesthesia: it's not painful, but is is surprising, as reality comes into focus and the mind un-deforms, in this case after a lifetime of Jewish binding by lies.'Jews' are a sub-race produced by the written word.Without the effects of reading and writing, 'Jews' and their inbred literalist fanaticism could probably never have existed.

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