Historische nachschlagewerke online dating

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Historische nachschlagewerke online dating

Classical Antiquity became, very early on, one of the fields that attracted the interest of people dealing with the Internet and the creation of web pages dedicated to culture and history.

Undoubtedly this was to be expected, as Classical Antiquity still represents a crucial and thorny question for Western society.

(Numismatics), Epigrafie / Papyrologie (Epigraphy and Papyrology), Archeologie (Archaeology), Oude geschiedenis (Ancient History), Klassieke taal- en letterkunde (Classic Literature), Kunst v.d.

klassieke oudheid (Classical Art), Exacte wetenschappen en technologie (Science and Technology), Aardrijkskunde en topografie (Geography and Topography), Rechtsgeschiedenis (Law History).

The relationship of the modern Westerner to the culture of Greece and Rome embodies the culmination of complex proceedings and concepts, which can be traced back to the age of Enlightment, to the Renaissance and even to the Antiquity itself.

All the various explanations of this relationship, its ceaseless redefinitions and inevitable refutations do nothing but reaffirm its fundamental position in the structure of Western thought.

Private people first and, soon after, academic institutions created and maintained general indexes on Antiquity or the Classics that are usually called "link lists" or "gateways".

Net/ () One of the best and most extensive gateways for archaeology in general.

Academic Departments, Archaeological Regions: Africa, Asia, Australia and Pacific, Central America, Europe, Near East, North America, South America, Publishers, Museums on the Web, News & System Information, Other Resources, Email Directory (WEDA), Electronic Journals, Newsgroups & Listservs, Search Arch Net, Subject Areas: Archaeometry, Botanical Ceramics, CRM & Government Agencies, Educational Materials, Ethnohistory / Ethnoarchaeology, Faunal Geo-Archaeology, Historic Archaeology, Lithics, Mapping and GIS Method & Theory, Site Files & Tours Software.

() Argos is a powerful search engine, dedicated to Ancient and Medieval studies.

They can be very helpful for beginners and for people searching for an unfamiliar topic, but let's not forget that "it is easy to surf around in them and never come across any real data". It is addressed to people seeking pre-selected and organized material on the classical civilisations of Greece and Rome.

During the last year the author has visited each of the gateways listed here but the links were last checked on the date appearing next to the electronic address. It is frequently updated and there are commentaries on each link but... Aiolos comprises three main sections with several subdivisions: Algemene bronnen (General Resources): Oriënterende en meta-diensten (Orientation Pages), Bibliotheekcatalogi (Library Catalogues on line), Bibliografische diensten en bestanden (Bibliographies), Uitgeverijen / boekhandel (Publishing Houses and Bookshops), Andere instellingen (Other Stuff), Tekstbestanden enz. Vakspecialistische bronnen (Special Resources): Klassieke oudheid i.h.a.

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