O detective conan gallego online dating

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Heiji Hattori searches for a girl he fell in love with after he saw her playing outside a temple when he was little.Meanwhile, Kogoro, Ran, Conan, and Sonoko go to Kyoto and meet up with Heiji and Kazuha to investigate a robbery and several murders.Eri eats one, but suddenly falls unconscious, poisoned by agricultural chemicals.However, Eri is not in danger, as she was quickly rushed into the hospital.

At the moment, Conan remembers his fortune "A chance for a kiss" and blushes.

Conan swallows a pill Haibara gave him and a bottle of wine, temporarily turning him back into Shinichi.

He disguises himself as Heiji and attempts to arrest the killer and save Kazuha and manages to stall the murderer until Heiji arrives.

The killer tries to kill Heiji several times and severely injures Heiji.

The killer kidnaps Kazuha, but Heiji collapses before he can reach her.

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Conan later comes back to the agency to see Kogoro just getting ready.