Radiocarbon dating worked example

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Radiocarbon dating worked example

“The working theory is that this was originally inhabited by a family that rose to some relative prominence in the area.They may have then constructed a number of other ringforts around this one, which became a centre for industrial activity,” he said.A small number of crouched burials were found, with their knees pushed up to their chest, possibly suggesting these were non-locals being buried according to their own traditions.Others have signs of punishment or disrespect, including at least two in which feet and hands may have been bound, one of them buried face down.One theory is that it might have been levelled over centuries of ploughing for agriculture, or cleared during the landscaping of an area of parkland for the nearby Ranelagh House in the early 1700s.

The artifacts found in such positions included beads, blades, a bracelet fragment, and copper and bone pins.

A fragment of a copper alloy bracelet has been dated by its decoration to around AD350 to 550.

The ringfort’s use may also have switched from human settlement to raising and slaughtering animals, evidenced by the substantial number of bones found across the site.

This is supported by the lack of evidence of structures within the excavation site, and the wealth of artifacts suggestive of light metalwork industry.

Reconstruction of a ringfort at Curraheen, Co Cork, the kind of enclosure that would have been first built at the ringfort in Ranelagh, Co Roscommon.

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