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The bot, Karim, is designed to help grief- and PTSD-stricken Syrian refugees, for whom the demand (and price) of therapy vastly overwhelms the supply of qualified therapists.From X2AI test runs using the bot with Syrians, they noticed that technologies like Karim offer something humans cannot: For those in need of counseling but concerned with the social stigma ofseeking help, a bot can be comfortingly objective and non-judgmental.Be wary of your online "friends": Your anonymous chat buddy might be a sexual predator — or an artificially intelligent chatbot designed to trap pedophiles. Its name is Negobot, but some are calling it "virtual Lolita" after the novel by Vladimir Nabokov because it poses as an emotionally vulnerable teenage girl and tries to trick online predators into giving away information that would help the authorities track down pedophiles.Chatbots like Negobot use such processes as artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning to react to users' specific comments and remember past conversations.If the sexual content increases enough that Negobot registers the user as "allegedly pedophile," the bot's objectives change again: Now, its main goal is to keep the user in conversation for as long as possible.The bot will give users fake private information and try to lure them into a physical meeting — ironically, probably the exact same goal of the alleged pedophile."Undercover operations are extremely resource-intensive and delicate things to do," Carr said.

Because Negobot "wins" by collecting as much incriminating information as possible, it tries to discourage its conversation partner from ending the chat.But what makes Negobot unique — aside from its crime-fighting mission — is its use of game theory to trap potential pedophiles.That means, essentially, that Negobot treats conversations as a game, with the objective of gathering as much potential evidence of pedophilic tendencies as possible.As a result, sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise and disproportionately affect young people age 15-24, who account for over half of the estimated 20 million new STD cases per year.Teen pregnancies are declining in the US, but it’s worth noting that the US still far outpaces the teen pregnancy rate of any other developed country.

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