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Although innocent of the later theological developments, it still has value for the Greek student for its exegetical insights. Many regard the commentary as the best older work on the Greek text." (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works) D Edmond Hiebert - Greek text.

Spurgeon writes that this is "Very full and reliable. A definitive commentary by a noted conservative British scholar of the past century.

Many varieties of evolutionary philosophy thrived in the Graeco/Roman world of the day (Epicureanism, Stoicism, Gnosticism, etc.), but the essential basis of all of them was denial of the true transcendent Creator God of the universe.

Hence in the Colossian epistle Paul was led to formulate the greatest Christological passage in the entire Bible (Colossians -20), setting forth Jesus Christ as Creator, Sustainer and Reconciler of all things in heaven and earth.

However, Colossians seems to have been written primarily to correct an incipient heresy that seemed to be developing in the church at Colosse and possibly spreading to other churches.

This heresy was a tendency to compromise with the pagan pantheistic evolutionism of the Greek philosophers, possibly with an admixture of Judaizing legalism.

The more instructed student will appreciate it." (Spurgeon, C. Warns against Judaic legalism and incipient Gnosticism--both of which are antithetical to a Christocentric theology.

Calls upon believers as well as the local church to submit to the lordship of Christ. ALEXANDER MACLAREN A Commentary on Colossians and Philemon Expositor's Bible Commentary Over 400 pages on Colossians D Edmond Hiebert - One of the richest expositions in this famous series.

13 weeks, 12 lessons WILLIAM BARCLAY Commentary on Colossians Daily Study Bible Comment: Barclay often has rich insights on Greek words and/or historical background.

Colosse had been a significant city in the past, but had deteriorated in importance by New Testament times.

Nearby cities such as Hierapolis and Laodicea (Colossians ), especially the latter, had become more significant, though all three had churches planted in them, probably about the time of Paul's stay in Ephesus.

He then went on to insist that all wisdom and knowledge were centered in Christ (Colossians 2:3) and to warn against all human philosophy (Colossians 2:8).

As far as the authenticity of Colossians is concerned, practically no one, ancient or modern, has questioned its Pauline authorship.

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According to the record, Paul himself never visited any of them (though he may have traveled through Laodicea on his way to or from Ephesus (as an important trade highway existed there).