Updating ilife

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Updating ilife

Still missing, however, is HEVC support in Apple's professional-level apps, including Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor.

For now, pro film makers have to import and convert HEVC H.265 video into the Apple Pro Res format.

Also referred to as the H.265 codec, HEVC is an improvement over the current H.264 standard that has long been Apple's go-to for efficient video encoding on both i OS and mac OS.

The new version includes better motion compensation for fast-moving scenes, larger computational errors for difference-coding, and other improvements that allow HEVC to compress video down to nearly half the size of an H.264 clip.

The first version was announced at the Macworld Conference & Expo in 2002.

It was billed as being the "missing link" in photography.

i Movie remained free until 2003, when it became part of the first i Life release, which was sold for .

The program also supports software instruments and importation from real instruments, such as guitars and keyboards.i Life is preinstalled on new Mac computers and was sold as a bundle on DVD.With the introduction of the Mac App Store, Apple sold the programs separately and eventually discontinued the DVD altogether.i Movie '08 was completely rewritten as a new application and introduced significant changes to the user interface.i Photo was the second application in i Life that began as a free application available for download from Apple's website.

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